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BONITEX idea and objectives

Welcome to our website and please accept our warm invitation for mutually beneficial cooperation, which we have been implementing with many of our valued customers, suppliers and technical partners since 2010.

We specialise in the development, production and distribution of media used in customer, access control, identification and automation applications. We are experts in the field of smart media based on RFID, NFC and contact chips. Our primary product range consists of plastic (paper, wood or metal) cards, access bracelets, key rings, tickets, ski passes and other specially designed identification and authorisation tags.

The majority of our production processes are carried out in our plants in the Czech and Slovak republics. In the areas of development, acquisition of new technologies and procurement of materials, we cooperate closely with partner companies and industry specialists from Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, China, Taiwan, India, Canada, England, USA and other countries. We provide our clients with full technical, design and graphic support.

The complexity and quality of our production and control facilities not only allows us to satisfy the standard requirements of our customers, but also most special orders. This includes, for example, atypical product dimensions, materials, less available chipsets and their combinations, performance tuning and antenna range of RFID (NFC) chips, sophisticated security, protection and design features among many other technologies.

We favour forms of communication that encourage creativity, joy, interest in thinking and understanding, mutual respect, reverence and trust, beauty and purpose, sense of purpose, courage, compassion, diversity and resilience.

Implement your project with BONITEX and let us satisfy your expectations!