Our customers are end users of small and big companies, assembling companies and agencies focusing primarily on:

  • retail, including business chains
  • hotel and restaurant services
  • sport, including ski resorts
  • fitness, aqua centers
  • entertainment and culture
  • pharmacy products, including pharmacy chains
  • storage, production, logicstics
  • animal breeding and veterinary services
  • instalation of access cards, cashier and loyality systems
  • advertising services - agencies

We supply products mainly to companies in the Czech and Slovak Republics. However, we also have clients in other EU countries (Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Hungary).

  • We will be pleased to present you our specific reference documents at a personal meeting, or send them to you by e-mail or post.
  • Samples of our orders, we sent by agreement, free of charge.

 Some of our main customers


Penny Market
Magistra Lékárny
A3 Sport
Škoda Vagonka
Pet Center
ISIC Czech Republic
Hotel Hilton Praha
Holiday Inn
Ski Aréna Karlov

Benefits of cooperating with BONITEX

  • We can produce for you cards or RFID (NFC) tags in all common and even timeless graphic designs with the possibility of applying a complete range of modern elements and technologies.
  • We will help you to choose the optimal solution with respect to visual effects, protection against abuse and required elements of "intelligence" (chip, barcode, magnetic stripe, etc.)
  • Our graphic studio offers you the possibility of a professinal preparation for all graphic and technical documents.
  • We are able to solve your common and special requirements.
  • By applying cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and in case of larger orders, our product prices are lucrative.
  • We provide full service - and we guarantee to react very flexible and professional.
  • We guarantee quality, accuracy, attention to detail, because we are interested in your satisfaction, and we guarantee to solve any possible irregularities or discrepancies