Protection of personal data


Protection of personal data

Notice on personal data protection (hereinafter also referred to as the “Notice”) of the website (hereinafter also referred to as the “Web”) operated by the operator BONITEX s.r.o., IČ: 28606183, head office: Středulinského 966/26, Vítkovice, 703 00 Ostrava, registered in the Commercial Register at the Regional Court in Ostrava, Section C, File 34324, contact also at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., sets out mutual rights and obligations of us as the controller of personal data and individuals as well as data subjects within the framework of the protection of personal data also obtained through on-line activity websites as follows:

  1. The protection of personal data in accordance with this Notice follows from Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on Personal Data Protection, in compliance with Act No. 480/2004 Coll. on certain society service information, according to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 based on The Protection of Individuals related to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and annulment Directive 95/46 / EC - the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), effective on 25.05.2018, where, in this legislation, you can find a broader description of the scope of rights and obligations to protect your personal data.
  2. The website is not intended to provide services or sell products to persons under the age of 16.
  3. We process your personal data, which you will submit to us (you will communicate), also in connection with your use of the Web, usually your name, surname, company, addresses, telephone, GSM, e-mail, etc. If you order via the e-shop, our system will also register your IP address and write those cookies wich the e-shop would not work without. We do not use any form of automatic decision making. We collect these personal data for the purpose of your e-shop registration, and / or reception / confirmation / execution / dispatching / billing / claims about your order, to communicatie about it and to inform you about our other products. So we process your personal data to:

    • fulfill the contract with you,
    • comply with legal obligations such as issuing documents,

    • because you have given us yourpermission,
    • it is in our legitimate interest to process further personal data fromprevious orders you made at our e-shop for the purpose of improving our systems so that we can inform you about our new products, etc.

    The processing of personal data therefore always takes place for specific purposes on the basis of clear legal agreements. We only pass on your data to other recipients (so-called processors) in order to fulfill our obligations. We do not pass on your data to anywhere outside the EU.
  4. We process your data until further notice, until the expiration date of your user account, if you are registered on the Web as user and in other cases for no longer than 11 years, with respecting the archiving obligations under individual laws (eg VAT Act), then we will definitely erasure your data.
  5. You have the right to ask for information, including the right of access to your personal data processed by us, to rectify inaccurate data,and you have the right to insist on the erasure of your personal data,to apply processing restrictions on legal grounds, to transfer your personal data to other obligations, to oppose any processing and, of course, to withdraw your consent at any time if granted. You can claim all of your rights in any way, most appropriately, most preferable throughthe e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. However, this does not affect your right to complain to the Office for Personal Data Protection or to assert your rights in court.

  6. In the case that an organization sells or purchases any part of a business organisation or other similar property values, the organization may transfer or receive your data to/from the prospective vendor or purchaser of such assets, and, if the organization is, or some of its parts are taken over by a third party, the users‘ -or members´ data used by the company will become one of the assets transferred.

Purposes and legal bases of personal data processing

As a personal data controller, we refer to the purpose of processing personal data below, a non-bold text indicates the legal basis that is consistent with Article 6 (1) of the GDPR, saying that, such processing is legal. As a personal data controller, the following applies to all processing we perform, except in case of our employees.

The legal bases for personal data processing, are as follows:

  1. the explicit (free and specific) consent of the subject´s data, which means that the data subject has given us consent to process the ersonal data which he / she may revoke at any time,

  2. fulfillment of the contract, which means that we must have the personal data of the customer, supplier, other contractual partners or the user of the product in order to fulfill the contract (order); who ordered it, etc.,
  3. fulfillment of (legal) obligations - includes processing, given by the law, eg., making an accounting / tax document that the application you submit with us we have to register, how we handled it, etc,
  4. protecting vital interests - these are not generally related to us,
  5. the performance of a task carried out in public interest or in the execution of an official authority - these are not generally related to us,
  6. A legitimate interest (controller) is a set of all processing that we can carry out in our interest, but not at your expense . For example, it is in our legitimate interest to have functional cookies on our website that describe your behavior so that the website works properly and shows you what you are looking for. Without functional cookies; without collecting analytical cookies we couldn't make statistics that tell us how to make our site more user-friendly or even safer. There may be many legitimate interests, but we'll always describe you the reason. You can defend yourself of course and, therefore we have prepared samples in order to simplify the claim of your rights.


  1. R egistration of a user account or member account: fulfillment of the contract and / or with the acceptance of the data subject .
  2. Order: failure completing the order / order reception / order confirmation/order processing/ complaints including related operations, with the exception of invoicing: fulfillment of the contract.
  3. O ther customer contracts and their fulfillment: fulfillment of the contract.
  4. O ther personal data processing of persons´ acting in the interest of the customer: fulfillment of the contract, legitimate interest (to identify, implement or protect legal claims).
  5. Functional cookies: legitimate interest of the controller-assuring the functionality of the website.
  6. A dministering Web and Other Software Systems: Legitimate interest of the controller - Systems´ Management and Internal Operations, such as troubleshooting, outage, back-up, recovery, data analysis, development, testing, research, analytics, security, enterprise platform security surveys and improving their parameters.
  7. Analytical Cookies: Legitimate interest of the controller - Security and testing user-friendliness of the website, including measuring and optimizing site performance.
  8. S tatistical processing of the website and other software: legitimate interest of the controller - ensuring and testing the user's friendliness of the Web, including measuring its performance, i.e. measuring and optimizing the website performance, eg Google Analytics, Google Adwords, (Czech seznam web pages)
  9. Marketing cookies: consensus of the subject‘s data.
  10. Questionnaire legitimate interest of the controller - so-called customer exception according to recital 47 of GDPR.
  11. Sending commercial messages from the controller, which is materially related to the history of orders: legitimate interest of the controller - so-called customer exception according to recital 47 of the GDPR.


  1. Supplier contracts and their performance: fulfillment of the contract.
  2. O ther processing of personal data of persons acting as contractors: fulfillment of the contract, legitimate interest (to identify, execute or protect legal claims).
  3. Contracts and their performance with other third parties: fulfillment of the contract.
  4. Processing of personal data from unilateral acts of the third parties: legitimate interest (to find, execute or protect legal rights) or other legitimate interest.


  1. Processing of third party personal data for the purpose of delivering goods to customer´s of the subscriber : fulfillment of the contract.
  2. Processing of third party personal data for the purpose of preparing documents for billing the service / goods delivery to the customer: fulfillment of the contract and fulfillment of the legal obligations.


  1. Processing of personal data of subjects acting for themselves or third parties (including public authorities) different than suppliers, purchasers, employees and their representatives in other legal relationships: fulfillment of the contract and / or legitimate interest (to identify, execute or protect other legitimate interests.
  2. Communication / correspondence through electronic and paper-based media communication: fulfillment of the contract and / or legitimate interest related to the particular legal status of the controller generally to identify, execute or protect legal rights or other similar legitimate interests.
  3. Accounting and VAT Reporting: fulfillment of the legal obligations.
  4. Personal data processing related to other specific accounting obligations imposed by a generally bound legal regulation: fulfillment of the legal obligations.
  5. Personal data processing from procedural proceedings: fulfillment of the Legal obligations and / or legitimate interest (to identify, execute or protect legal rights).
  6. Processing data subjects' rights: fulfillment of the legal obligations.

Our processors

Company processors are:

  1. Suppliers of specialized printing services.
  2. Postal and courier operators,
  3. Providers of specialized advisory services (eg accounting, legal, technical, organizational, economic, business, audit, expert, interpreting, tax advisory services, etc.).
  4. Webhosting, server and cloud service providers.
  5. Order assembly and packaging service providers.
  6. Social network platform operators that can provide connectivity services, such as connecting from social networking platforms to organization platforms.
  7. Other trading platforms operators that can advertise their products and services through the organization platforms, and where the subject may choose to register, regardless of the commercial link of the operator and organization.
  8. Marketing agencies and other subjects that assist with the products‘ marketability and organization services.
  9. Other website operators who advertise products and organization services on their webites.
  10. Insurance companies, payment service providers, identity verification services, credit service providers, etc.
  11. Providers of other technical services to the organization and their subcontractors (so-called processors' chaining), which are subject to the same rules as our primary processors, but only if one of the following conditions is met:
  12. It is necessary to involve a third party as a service provider in order to fulfill any arrangements that the organization has entered into with the subject (eg, completing the order and packing it, sending the parcel via courier, bank transfer processing, etc.).
  13. As part of the pre-contractual negotiations and in order to prepare the expectation of the conclusion of the arrangement under a).

  14. As part of an organization- or subject evaluation system (e.g.
  15. In order to use analytical information, also in cooperation with search engine providers to help the organization to improve and optimize their platforms (e.g., Google Analytics)
  16. If specifically requested by the subject (eg., when using social network authentication methods).
  17. When distributing a part of our display platforms on the business partner´s website.
  18. If necessary for the purpose of creating, detecting, executing or protecting legal claims and / or where required by a generally binding regulation and / or in good faith that such access, preservation or disclosure is reasonably necessary for the organization to properly respond to rights against the organization, in court proceedings, to enforce any arrangements with users or the organization members, in the event of an emergency of public health threats, death or a physical injury to a person, within investigations, protection of rights, property or personal security in the organization or users or members or other poeple.

Use of cookies on this site

BONITEX sro, IČ: 28606183, head office: Středulinského 966/26, Vítkovice, 703 00 Ostrava, registered in the Commercial Register at the Regional Court in Ostrava, Section C, File 34324, contact also at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as the operator of the website uses cookies technology to operate this website.


What is a cookie and what is it used for?

A cookie is a small file that your web browser reads or stores on your terminal. This is: on your computer, laptop, phone, etc. Cookies ensure that a website is able to remember your choices and display the site more efficiently.

For example, cookies store information about what goods you put into your basket (otherwise you would have to be logged in), or how you'd like to sort goods in categories. Whether alphabetically or by price and many other things.

According to the purpose, we divide the used cookies into the following categories:

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What to do if you do not want cookies to be stored?

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Samples to apply your rights:

Item Download
Request for information about personal data being processed.
Request a repair.
Request for personal data deletion.
Request for processing personal data limitation.
Request for personal data transfering.
Objection to the processing of personal data for direct marketing or profiling purposes.
Raised objection.