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NamePositionBusiness SegmentMobile
Jaroslav Pavlů Sales Manager casinos, sports dubs, ski-resorts, betting shops, wellness and fitness centers, festivals, fairs +420 608 657 901
Alena Tománková Sales Manager hotels, travel agencies, carriers, industry +420 608 011 709
Hana Čoupková Sales Manager shopping centers, retail and retails chains, gas stations, pharmacies +420 608 011 260
Radka Wnenková Sales Manager hospitals, spas, institutions, libraries, schools, offices +420 608 011 027
Jana Vandewinkel Sales Manager for Export   +420 608 011 375
Ing. Zdeňka Joanidisová Expedition Leader and Billing   +420 774 466 211
Kamil Sobkuliak CEO, Production Manager   +420 774 466 177
Bc. Václav Paveza Head of DTP and Projection   +420 608 657 297
Martina Vogelová Head of Exit Control   +420 608 156 071
Aleš Zahajský Service Technician    

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The central plant and delivering address:

BONITEX s.r.o., Opavska 463/23
Rymarov, 795 01 (HEDVA Building)
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Data box: ceagr3i

Company HQ and billing/invoicing (information)

BONITEX s.r.o., Stredulinskeho 966/26
Ostrava-Vitkovice, 703 00 (TESLA Building)
IČ: 28606183 DIČ: CZ28606183

Company is registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Regional Court in Ostrava in Section C, File No. 34324. Extract from the Commercial Register + decision on the register for VAT see below.

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